fougere print

Chickaprint ® is my registered brand of surface pattern designs applied on textiles, homewares and various products.

While available for licensing opportunities, manufacturing some of my own creations is also on the agenda.

Not defined by a recipe, my style is fresh, spontaneous with a bright palette. Colours and textures will always excite me. Discovering new ways of intertwining forms and elements is ever fascinating. Creating is a way of life and vitamins for the soul!

Surface pattern design is the natural destination of my journey as a graphic designer. Graduated from Laval University in Québec, I worked in Florida many years and received several awards. My next move was to Stockholm where I created collages shown in Galleries and commissioned by developers. After moving to Isle of Wight, my research in textures and motifs lead naturally to this passion for surface pattern design.

Enjoy my portfolio and store displays!

Marie Delisle Holmberg